11/29/2019 - Started Making Downloadable files to add to your Unreal Tournament 2004 System so you don't have to download/redirect from the server.. Making Super Quick Load Times..  Did the animations, static meshes, textures, and some of the maps sections so far.   Available in our [ DOWNLOADS ] Section.

10/15/2019 - All Servers Back online on a RENTED SERVER..  .UZ2's running really fast, enjoy....

10/10/2019 - UT99 Servers are Back online...  UT2004 should be back  by Tonight.

9/26/2019 - Some Files and UT2004 Servers may be offline for a day or two while we move to a different machine.   I also started a page specific to Unreal Tournament 99.  [ HERE ]

8/17/2019 - I fixed the problem with the .UZ2 Redirection and spent some time making the Quick Launch buttons on the left hand side.  Were comming up on the holidays and I figured our Halloween And Christmas maps could use a go over and use some advertisement.  Enjoy everyone..   If something is not working please e-mail me.

8/1/2019 - I would like to Apologize to all the Unreal Tournament players.  When I moved the game to the rented server dumb ass me forgot to add .UZ2 as a mime type.  Thus the redirector was not working at all for quick downloads of all our custom maps..  This Error has been fixed and the maps load lickety split.  Please Give it another chance.  Also, I am the ONLY server running Jail Break for some reason..  I am also not listed in the VCTF or CARBALL server lists  so i will have to investigate that.  Enjoy and once again, Sorry to all the Unreal Tournament players.

6/18/2019 - I added a UTSERVERMONITOR to the download section.  This is pre loaded with ALL of our UT Servers.  It will tell you who's online, Ping rates, allow you to join a game, sort the servers, everything.  Its only 500k and runs with all varieties of Windows. [ DOWNLOADS ] Section.  Check the Status of our 15 Servers instantly...  Enjoy.


6/5/2019 - We just moved all of our servers to a better network, I have them up and running and the UZ2's as well.  We changed alot of the ports though so i need to make new interactive buttons and such for them.  Please look for [ A2K4.COM ] in the unreal server browser and play here on the new setup.  Sorry for the inconvenience but i will be working on them tonight and tomorrow.  All downloads and map packs / game files / Install Discs are available in the  [ DOWNLOADS ] Section.  Hang in there....

5/24/2019 - I started fixing the [ DOWNLOADS ] Section.  We now have most of our map packs available as well as the core downloads direct from Epic's site.  ALL downloads should be online by the end of the day.  Just trying to put it all back together.  I am also thinking of adding a DOMINATOR Server to our mix.  Also have a Quick Link to our  [ UT99 - DeathMatch ] Server.  Hope your all enjoying what we created.  ALL .UZ2 Servers are running as well for Quick Downloads.

5/23/2019 - ALL Unreal Tournament Servers are BACK ONLINE!   Any Problems please E-mail me at jonspatz@hotmail.com

5/20/2019 - All the files for our Unreal Servers are now moved to the new server.  They should all be back online and ready to play tonight.  Thanks for all the understanding and patience during this upgrade.  [ HARDWARE ] and [ DOWNLOAD ] Sections have updated.

4/14/2019 - I have some of the servers back online now, I am going to let the rest of the files/maps upload overnight.  You will have to access your favorite     [ A2K4.COM ]  via the browser because i did not forward the DNS to the new server yet.  Give it about 2 days and everything will be back and running normally.  I am also going to redo all of the download packs for the maps, textures, meshes, etc....  Stay Tuned....

4/13/2019 - Updating the Unreal Servers, All UZ2's Moved to new machine.  System should be partially running by the end of tonight and finished tomorrow.

2/14/2019 - Happy Valentines Day everyone...  Added about 30 new maps to the unreal servers, Also got some custom CARBALL maps from M()NX.  Thank you my friend.  We continue to grow.. If there are any server problems please contact me. ENJOY!

2/10/2019 - Well EPIC is no longer keeping STATS for Unreal Tournament 2004.  This is quite a loss, especially since its one of the most played games on the internet for 15 Years.  EPIC STATS You will be missed... :(  Please Visit our GoFundMe Page or click on our sponsors to keep this site alive.  Thank You.

2/2/2019 - Updated the website a little bit, We now have 15 Servers online. There getting alot of Traffic too which is nice.  Updated the [ HARDWARE ] Section for what we run on,  Also setup a [ GO FUND ME ] Page to help keep the system alive.    Please consider a donation.  Doesn't matter if its only $3, Every little Bit Helps.  Hope you guys enjoy the system!  Also, EPIC has stopped running the Stats Site for Unreal Tournament.  There should be a local .PHP version comming soon here.

1/9/2019 - Servers were offline a little bit today while we upgraded the server.. They are now all back at A2K4.COM where they started.  Updated all of the links to point to the new homes, I also updated the [ HARDWARE ] Section to reflect the new equipment.  If anything is not working please send me an E-Mail so I can Fix it. jonspatz@hotmail.com

11/13/2018 - I updated the buttons and icons to reflect the new IP address of our Unreal Tournament Server.  Everything should be  100% Working, If you find a bad link please let me know ASAP at jonspatz@hotmail.com .   Had to redo the launch buttons on the side of this page.. I will be clearing them up to interactive button soon.   Updated the Hardware Page to match our New Dedicated Server.  Our MapPacks Are Available Below...

Unreal Tournament 2004

130 Gigs Of Space / 16,000+ Maps / 25,000 Files


1-on-1 Maps - 284  Total -  [ DOWNLOAD ]

AS Maps - 408 Total  -   [ DOWNLOAD ]

BR Maps - 196 Total - [ DOWNLOAD ]

CARBALL Maps - 60  Total -  [ DOWNLOAD ]

CLAN Maps - 695  Total -  [ DOWNLOAD ]

CTF Maps - 1,147  Total -   [ DOWNLOAD ]

DM Maps - 1,964  Total -  [ Part 1  /  Part 2  /  Part 3 ]

DOM Maps - 135 Total - [ DOWNLOAD ]

Halloween Maps - 21  Total -  [ DOWNLOAD ]

JailBreak Maps - 85  Total -   [ DOWNLOAD ]

MPC Maps - 62  Total -  [ DOWNLOAD ]

ONS Maps - 612 Total  -   [ DOWNLOAD ]

VCTF Maps - 325  Total -  [ DOWNLOAD ]

XMAS  Maps - 28 Total -  [ DOWNLOAD ]

[ StaticMeshes ]   [ Textures ]   [ Music ]

 [ Sounds ]    [ System ]  [ Animations ]

 You will need WinRAR uncompress these map packs.

9/18/2018 - Expanded our system with Two More Game Types.  Last Man Standing and Bombing Run.   Also added over 2,000 Custom Maps, Skins, Mutators, VoicePacks and more.  Enjoy.  More information available at www.a2k4.com

8/27/2018 - Added the JailBreak ScoreBoard web interface to the system.  [ JailBreak ScoreBoard ]

11/1/2018 - Our Unreal Tournament 2004 additions are pretty Well Maxed Out!  We are running over 16,000 All Custom Maps across 15 game Types.  I hope you all enjoy and download our map packs below.  They have been updated Today 11/1 @ 11am.  The server is getting quit busy and the more you offer the more player will come.  This will probably be our last and most up to date map packs because its already taking 130Gigs of space itself.  Hell, Thats larger then World Of Warcraft.  Our UZ2 Redirector is still 100% active if you down feel like a large download, That is hosted on our main www.axismovies.com website.

8/23/2018 - I have now officially am done downloading maps for Unreal Tournament 2004.  Below is our final MAPS count and Map Pack Downloads.  I will however continue to add Mutators, new game styles, and expand our 12 Servers probably up to 20 Servers.  I would like to add Bombing Run, Domination, Last Man Standing, and more..  We currently have over 4,396 Maps Loaded onto our server and .uz2 Redirector.  See Below:   Map Packs are NOW Online Below...

7/31/2018 - Still Fighting with the Unreal Tournament UT.ini files.  CB, JB, CTF, CHRISTMAS, VCTF, Halloween, 1-on-1, And ONS are all online and 100% working.   I need to rewrite the other ones later tonight and get it all up and working.  We added SO MANY custom maps the map rotation files grew to an incredible size.  Got to Separate the Map Files and Trim the fat from the .INIs  Stay Tuned.

(UPDATE) - All Unreal Tournament Servers are back online.  All Game Types Playable.  Enjoy, Hopefully we fixed the growing too large .INI File problems.

7/30/2018 - Had a little bit of a Problem with the Unreal Tournament Servers.  The .INI files grew way to large and I had to cut them down and pick the maps.  This is all done now and all 12 servers are back online.

7/27/2018 - We now have TWELVE Unreal Tournament Servers Running.  Just added a ALL CLAN MAP DeathMatch Server.  That will probably be about it for This Server, I don't know yet though.  Feel Free to play a lot and often.  Enjoy.  Any ideas of what I can do to make the server Better Please Let Me Know.  jonspatz@hotmail.com

7/25/2018 - Added a Ton for New Jail Break and CARBALL Maps.  Also downloaded over 100 Skin & Voice Packs from www.UTzone.de  Great Site for the Unreal Player.  Also, We are having a HUGE CLEARANCE on Xbox One Games, Blurays, DVD, Funko Pops and more.

7/24/2018 - Added a [ CARBALL ] Server.  Also added a lot of Character Skins, Mods, Maps, etc...

                 - If you don't know what Unreal Tournament 2004 is watch this [ YOUTUBE VIDEO ].  Its a Free Download from the UT2004 File Section.

7/22/2018 - I have the Unreal Tournament 2004 servers running great ( Knock on Wood ). We now have 2,049 Maps totaling 34 Gigs.  ( SEE BELOW ) They are spread over the 10 different servers that we run.  I will be adding more every day till we have every map ever made.  Thanks to www.mapraider.com for all the help. Great site for modding and maps for a 14 Year Old game.  If you don't own Unreal Tournament 2004 feel free to download from our file section. ECE Edition too.

7/19/2018 - Its been awhile since I typed  an update for the Unreal Tournament portion of the game server.  We now have over 1,600 Custom Maps over 10 different servers and types of game play.  Still adding 40-60 maps a day from MAPRAIDER.COM  Just want to get them all eventually.  We are your UT2 Authority..

7/7/2018 - Reinstalled the RPG-DEATHMATCH server.  Added ALL of MAPRAIDER ONS Maps and I am Starting to download all the 1-on-1 maps they have.  Things here keep growing.  Over 1,000 Custom Maps Already install with a Super Fast UZ2 redirector.  Keep on coming back, new content every day.

 6/30/2018 - Well I downloaded EVERY JailBreak And VCTF Map that MAPRAIDER had on their site for Unreal Tournament 2004.  I like to run all custom maps and with the UZ2 redirect they load super fast...  You can also download Map Packs from the Unreal Tournament 2004 Downloads Page.  That way you don't have to wait for custom maps to be downloaded.

6/28/2018 - Added a JailBreak! server to fill up our 9 slots.  UZ2 Redirector is working Great for faster map loads, and we added over 400 custom maps across all of our game types.  If there is anything you want added please let me know.  I also added downloadable MAP PACKS so you don't have to wait for game play.  Just download the ones you want and unzip them into your Unreal Tournament /MAPS directory.

6/19/2018 - MPC MAP DEATHMATCH, 1-ON-1 DEATHMATCH, AND ONSLAUGHT Are back online at A2K4.COM

                    Brought in a couple of custom maps and added the .UZ2 to our redirect server.  It will take a long time to download the over 5,000 custom maps we had but I will had a couple every day.  If there is a specific map you really liked playing on please let me know and I will install it right away.  jonspatz@hotmail.com

                      Halloween & Christmas DeathMatch are online again..  Only a few custom maps but were getting there.

6/18/2018 - Got a New Rented Server, Only the DeathMatch MPC Maps are online at This Time.  Stay Tuned For More Updates

6/16/2018 - ALL SERVERS ARE OFFLINE DUE TO SERVER HARD DRIVE FAILURE.  Should be back online soon.

4/28/2018 - Sorry I haven't updated the website here in a long time but things have been contently being added to the UT Area..  Over 4,000 Custom Maps, A new redirect Server on a 100/100 Connection at an Atlanta, Ga DataCenter.  Lots of skins, Mutators, and more.. Just brought the VCTF online tonight.  Enjoy.  I will make sure to upload this page more often.

2/25/2018 - All Unreal Tournament 2004 Files and Games have been moved to our dedicated server in Atlanta, Ga.  Now lets get some matches going. Were on a Gigabit port.   I also added a RPG DeathMatch server which is really cool..

2/18/2018 - Brought an Assault server online, added easily over 100 more maps to the system, Fixed the ChaosUT mod.  Getting Ready to move it all to the new Dedicated Server tomorrow when it comes online.  I know a DSL connection is not enough juice for a Real server, I am just using at as a place marker for now. Everything will be moved to a Gigabyte backbone.   Yea, Come on Server...  Trying to clean up the website and make map packs.

2/16/2018 - Installed 250 more all custom maps and setup a Capture The Flag Server.   I must give a shout out to http://www.unrealplayground.com/  for keeping Unreal Alive after 14 Years.  They have the largest archive of custom maps and mods I have ever seen.

2/11/2018 - Added Over 100 Custom Maps to the server, and setup a DeathMatch - ALL MPS CUSTOM MAPS.  Enjoy guys.. More big changes coming soon.

2/3/2018 - Working on some smaller tasks around here.  Did a lot of updates to our main site www.axismovies.com . Check it out.  I also created a downloads section here for Unreal Tournament related files.  Those who like to play on our servers a lot, first let me thank you, but I created Map Packs, Texture Packs, etc..  Just go to the downloads page and get them there.  Unzip/Unrar them to the proper directory and your will be updates with all of our latest maps.  This way you never have to download a map to play, you will have them pre-loaded.  We will continue to add new maps and features so check back often to see if they have been updated.  Thanks for checking us out...

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