Every one of our Systems and Server have at Least a RAID-1 Hard Drive Configuration, Some with PERC 6/i Cards Are Set For RAID-5.   WWW.AXISFLIX.COM  runs on a External 4TB Western Digital MyBook in a RAID-1 Configuration.  (x2) 4TB Hard Drives.  Also W have Two other Western Digital MyBook Raid Drives: (x2) 2Gig and (x2) 3 Gig ( Both RAID-1 Mirror)   Then on top of the Fault Tolerant Storage we Back up the already backed up by RAID hard drive to a Western Digital USB Raid-1 Drive Automatically every night at 1am.

    So to recap.  All Drives are Backed up with Either a Raid-1 or Raid-5 setup.  Then they are Backed up again On to a Raid-1 Mirrored External USB Drive.

    WE have created such an amazing server setup here between the Video Game Servers, Digital Movie Servers, Our CryptoCurrency Miners, and the Retro Wildcat that I just want to make sure it is never lost for any reason.

 [ Last Updated On 10/31/2019 @ 5:05pm ]