8/24/2019 - Just an FYI, I am working on updating all the hardware we use here and the new stuff i added.   We run on ALL DELL Equipment BTW.

8/23/2019 - Due to the fact that Blizzard is releasing World Of Warcraft CLASSIC, that tells me that the free WOW server we run is pretty much going to be dead..  I only have a few people on it and only 2 that play regularly.   It really doesn't eat up much space or cpu power, so i can keep it running if you (the users) want me to.  Please e-mail me at jonspatz@hotnail.com and let me know if you want me to KEEP or SCRAP The WOW v1.12.1 We run here.  Thats all for now..  I am looking into adding some new dedicated game servers this weekend.  Enjoy...

8/22/2019 - Ok, I think I have all the Unreal Tournament Servers working and The .UZ2 Redirector working.  PLEASE give me some feedback if its fixed or not..  I need your help to tell me what's wrong.

8/17/2019 - I optimized most of the machines with a defrag and backup.  I also added TWO new game servers to what we already offer.  I added "Insurgency - Sandstorm" and " Counter Strike - Global Offensive"  Please look for the [ A2K4.COM ] Title using your in game server browser.   I also noticed a huge falloff of the Unreal Tournament 99/2004 players since the move to the rented server.   It looks like were still having some .UZ2 Redirect problems so I will have to re compile all of those files for faster transport on the loading screen..   So, Please let me know if you ever find and problems or dead links, If you don't tell us what's wrong we cant fix it.... Enjoy!!  ( UPDATE )  I also Fixed the Unreal Slow Map Problem (Again).  Somehow the File Type got removed from the Extensions Directory.  That is fixed and I recompiled almost ALL of the .UZ2 files.  Unreal Tournament 2004 should be running correctly and mega fast now.


8/15/2019 - Add servers updated.  For some reason TeamSpeak will to launch from Windows Edge for the browser.  Working on it.

8/15/2019 - Sorry for any delays or the website being offline.  I am installing Windows Security/Software Updates..  This should not take more then Ten Minutes and we will be back online.  Thanks for your Patience.

8/7/2019 - I had to adjust some of the servers and move them around.  I was getting alot of Low Hashes on my CPU Bit Coin Miners.  Should not affect you at all, just give me a couple more cents per day on BitCoin.  Thanks for stopping by and please Donate..  Just picked up an AntMiner D3 pretty cheap, going to start kicking this cryptomining up a notch.

8/6/2019 - I brought a few more game servers back online, Like RUST and GARRY'S MOD.  To see the full list of running servers just check our games list on the left or here [ GAMES LIST ].   I think i have them optimized pretty well.  We have a Total of 5 Internet Connections now.  Two are Rented Servers on the 1 Gig Back Bone, The other Three are here in house. Two Xfinity and One Verizon DSL.  The games, Web pages, Movies, etc.. are split up equally over these five networks.  Some are even redundant if the DNS to not reply it will auto fall over to the Backup Raid-1 Drive on the DSL connection.  Not the fastest but Backup is nice.  Any games you want me to add just E-Mail me.   For some reason our TeamSpeak goes In and Out..  Working On It.  Sent Old News to the [ ARCHIVE ]


8/4/2019 - I had to take some of the servers offline while i format/reload the rackmount machines for better optimization on mining bit coin.  The CORE of our system is still online.  WildCat BBSUnreal Tournament 99/2004, World Of Warcraft, MINECRAFT, Alien Swarm & Reactive Drop, Left for Dead One and Two, GoldenEye are a few others.  Please see the updated list of what's running. [ GAMES LIST ].  Hope you will consider hitting the [ DONATE ] button there on the left and help us it.. It costs alot to run all these server.  Thank You and Enjoy!  I have also started to add some CASINO links to the site.  I get a small payout from everyone that signs up and I use that money to fund the system.   If you feel like $300 in real money to play and signup i would greatly appreciate it.. Give it a try, $300 Free Play, sometimes more depending on the promo their running.

8/1/2019 - I would like to Apologize to all the Unreal Tournament players.  When I moved the game to the rented server dumb ass me forgot to add .UZ2 as a mime type.  Thus the redirector was not working at all for quick downloads of all our custom maps..  This Error has been fixed and the maps load lickety split.  Please Give it another chance.  Also, I am the ONLY server running Jail Break for some reason..  I am also not listed in the VCTF or CARBALL server lists  so i will have to investigate that.  Enjoy and once again, Sorry to all the Unreal Tournament players.

For Older News Check the [ ARCHIVE ] Section...

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