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12/7/2019 - Alien Swarm, Alien Swarm Reactive Drop, and Eternal Silence are all back online...  With pushing the CPU and GPU limits for our CryptoMining setup some machines needed a little work.  I hope to finish up another machine tomorrow as well.  Maybe Tonight, Don 't know...


12/6/2019 - I am continuing to add files to the WildCat BBS, I am also working on the Downloads Section for this page to include full installs on some great classic Games.  Stay Tuned.

11/27/2019 - Got a few updates here.  [ WILDCAT BBS ], I added 5 CDs of So Much Shareware, and 2 CD of Night Owl.  We now have 40+ Online Door Games and over 104,000 Files.   [  Unreal Tournament 2004 ] I fixed the bad map file on the ONSLAUGHT game that kept causing it to crash.   [ GAME SERVERS ] I also moved Alien Swarm, Alien Swarm Reactive Drop, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Zombie Panic: Source, and Memory Of Mars over to the Fast Dedicated Server with a 1Gig BackBone..    Those seem to be the most popular so I hope you guys enjoy the better connection.

11/22/2019 - Got Two more cd-roms loaded onto the WildCat file system, I want to try and add one a day, These are the So Much Shareware, Night Owl, SimTel are more..  All BBS Ready CD-ROMS from the 1989 to 1996 Era, When bbs's ruled the world..   I also have alot of custom areas with newer stuff on, the complete 3dFX Drivers collection and more.   I am also working on loading more Steam Games to the server.  Those take time as well.  Wish me luck.

11/20/2019 - Well I am trying to move some stuff around to maximize the server / Bandwidth / and Bit Coin Mining.  I just finished the one machine and its now set how it will stay for awhile.  The Following 6 Games are now online and 100% Updated & Working.  Not only are we running these three servers on a dual Xeon PowerEdge R610 Machine, we are still Hashing 380/MHash on the CPU Miner and haven't even broken 60% CPU Usage.  Thats what I like to see.  All machine also have a TTBIT USB Miner installed but thats only 12-16/GHash for no CPU Usage.  Enjoy, More comming at you later..


[ Unreal Tournament 2004 ]

[ Unreal Tournament 99 ] 

[ Funeral Quest Page ]

[ The WildCat BBS Page ]


11/14/2019 - Still Moving some of the servers Around as well as working on the WildCat File Directories.  I have over 200 setup now, just need to copy the files to the right directories and run WCFILE to add them to the downloadable list.  I also updated the UT MONITOR software to direct to the correct server.  You can now get a readout on your screen for the status of ALL of our Unreal Tournament Servers.  Hang n There, This is a work in Progress.

11/13/2019 - Sorry for some of the servers being down/unreachable/slow/etc...  I was doing system wide Windows Updates, Steam Game Updates, etc..  Just wanted to make sure we had the most up to date dedicated server software for all of our games.  I have also been working on recreating the WildCat WinServer File areas that were corrupted in the last system move.  There comming back online more and more each day, just have to create the directories and re-upload all of the files, Currently were running 97,000 Files online when we used to have 550,000+   Been working on scanning in alot of TV Series for the movie/TV site.  Check it out at WWW.AXISFLIX.COM and enjoy.  The [ HARDWARE ] Section has been updated as well.  Enjoy.  If you see anything missing or not running right please E-MAIL me @

11/9/2019 - Its ever been easier to get started Mining CryptoCurrency with [ NICEHASH ].   Download their software, install, and your mining with CPU & GPU Power, NO additional Hardware Required..  Check it out today...

11/7/2019 - Things are comming together, added a bunch of new dedicated game servers and I am getting the wildcat BBS file section back together.  It was all corrupted in the move to the new server so i have to start it from scratch again.  I am bringing one or two sections online per day.  Best way to download is to access the wildcat WinSERVER HTML server.  I have also been adding alot of new movies to the AXISFLIX.COM server, You should check that out too.  Enjoy..

11/3/2019 - Got alot of the Dedicated game servers back online.  You can see the full list of what's Online and What's being worked on [ HERE ].  The GAMESLIST.  All up to date, Most recent patches involved, Alot of NON-STOCK Maps and Mods, Especially Our Unreal Tournament area.  If you see any problems please e-mail me or If there is a server you want added just let me know.  I have Two 1U Dual Xeon Servers just sitting here doing CPU BitCoin till I load them with more Dedicated Servers. [ HARDWARE ] List (What We Run On) has also been updated, Added alot of ram to the systems on the network.  ENJOY!

11/1/2019 - If anyone is interested in getting into BitCoin or CryptoCurrency we are teamed up with CoinBase.  If you click the link below we will both Receive $10 in free CryptoCurrency.  They also have an entire Video Based Series that you get paid $2 Per 15 Video to help you learn all about how CryptoCurrency can make you money.  I also run a small (and kind of outdated) Mining Page @ if you want to check that out..

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