~ NEWS ~

1/1/2022 @ 8:07am - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12/30/2021 @ 3:46pm - Please note we are going to be selling off our NON-SERVER Class machines.  We have a mix of about 12 10th Gen i3 and i5 towers coming up for sale.  If your interested in a 10th Generation i3 or i5 Dell Computer please let me know.  i3-10100 @ 3.6 GHz, i3-10105 @ 3.7 GHz, and i5-10300 @ 2.9 GHz.  Good Deals to be had, just e-mail jon@jonscrypto.com   Were converting everything over to Dell PowerEdge Server Machines.

12/27/2021 @ 9:30am - Going Green!!!  Over 13,000 Plots Now.  7,000 Chia Space Pool K32, 3,000 Chia Solo K32, and 3,000 Chives K29.  ( Total 1.1 Petabyte )
                                       Its not Easy Being Green. ~ Kermit D. Frog!

12/15/2021 @ 7:10am - Our MAME/EMULATION FTP is OFFICIALLY OPEN!!!

12/7/2021 @ 5:54am - Christmas is almost here!  Happy Holidays to all.

11/30/2021 @ 7:39am - Thinking about setting up a Raptoreum Server this weekend just to stay up with the newest coins.  I will keep you posted on how it goes...

11/28/2021 @ 10:07am - We are working on a SHOPIFY Store right now with Great Deals on Electronics.  ( CHECK IT OUT )

11/27/2021 @ 7:11am - Started working on bringing back the MAME & Emulation section of the website.  Should have it ready to go in the next couple of days.  Would like to bring the Old Wildcat BBS Back online too.  Please consider giving a donation to our projects, contact me for more details.

11/24/2021 @ 11:39am - Just an FYI, We are moving the movie server to a new machine with better bandwidth and getting the load off our local network.  Some movies may be unavailable for the next 2-3 days.  Its over 50% transferred now, so please bare with us.

11/24/2021 @ 10:25am - Still moving forward with the CHIA XCH Project even though the price of the coin is dropping around $140.   I believe in the project and the going GREEN initiative.  Stay tuned for more info regarding this breakthrough coin.

11/21/2021 @ 8:34am - Wishing Everyone a Good Thanksgiving...

11/8/2021 @ 8:37am - Added a "FOR SALE" Section for our listings on Craigslist.

11/5/2021 @ 6:03am - CHIA Blockchain v1.2.11 Released.

11/3/2021 @ 6:23pm - Happy Birthday to aXis Computers & Communications!  Today we have been in business for 18 Years!

10/30/2021 @ 3:56pm - Decided to add a RUST Dedicated Server to our STEAMCMD Lineup.

10/28/2021 @ 7:39am - Just ordered 180 Terabytes of hard drive space, We will be over one petabyte by mid-November.  I think I am just going to hold at that for now since One PB was my goal.  Going to setup some new harvesters with the extra drive space, consolidate some crap too.  [ Hardware ] Has been updated, please note, that almost changes daily, lol...

10/26/2021 @ 10:56am - CHIA Blockchain v1.2.10 Released

10/23/2021 @ 7:26am - Upgraded all of the CHIA Server to Blockchain v1.2.9.   Also got the harvesters fine tuned and running GREAT!  Go XCH!  I will try to post some Pictures of the data center today.

10/21/2021 @ 7:06am - I may have pulled the plug on the CHIVES project a little too soon.  I turned it back on because XCC is showing a large market share now for CHIA Forks.  So, CHIVES has returned....  Were now pushing 600+ Terabytes on Space Pool for our Pooling Plots.  I am also having some problems with the Left 4 Dead server, For some reason it gives me a random error from time to time.  When I notice it I will restart it for you.  Is there any interest in a RUST, ARK, Or MINE CRAFT Servers? If so, E-mail me and let me know.

10/18/2021 @ 10:04am - PLOT CREATION SERVICE - Were currently making 80-85 Plots a Day and expanding our rack mount servers.  If you need K32-101Gig Plots for CHIA (XCH) Made I can do that for $0.50 (50 Cents) PER PLOT.  You can download them ultra fast from my Google Drive then.  I can also make K29/K30/K31 Chives (XCC) plots for $0.25 (25 Cents) Per Plot.  Let me know what you need via E-mail...  jon@jonscrypto.com    Also, Just added another 50 TB Drive Box, That brings us up to 880 Terabytes.

10/16/2021 @ 7:36am - 200 Amp power upgrade is complete... All Servers back online...

10/14/2021 @ 8:10am - Left 4 Dead I & II are back online.  Enjoy...

10/13/2021 @ 5:12am - Chives is Dead, but on a good note we achieved the "BIG FISH" award from Space Pool for having over 500+ Terabytes.

10/12/2021 @ 3:29pm - Chives Files Removed.  World Of Warcraft & Unreal Tournament 2004 moved to a rented server to help offset network load.  BBS Coming back soon.

10/9/2021 @ 5:37am - We have discontinued the CHIVES Project,  Just wasn't going anywhere for a Token Coin.

10/8/2021 @ 2:25pm - Unreal Tournament 2004 Is back ONLINE!  Please enjoy our Halloween & Christmas Maps...

10/8/2021 @ 1:38pm - World Of Warcraft has been Fixed and Returns here.  Enjoy...

10/5/2021 @ 9:45am - Starting to bring some other machines online, Slow and Steady win the race right?  lol...  We now have over 700 TB Plotted.

9/29/2021 @ 8:24am - Well I decided to branch out into the CHIVES Chia Fork (XCC).  Set a system up and Created a Few K29-K31 Plots.  Lets see how that goes...

9/22/2021 @ 7:57am - Now Running 400 TB Space Pool Plots and 100 TB SOLO Plots.   Were making 110 Plots a day and are going to offer plotting services.  If your looking for plots they will be $2 Each K32/101 Gig and can be downloaded via our Fast Comcast Business Connection or be mailed to you on a hard drive for an additional fee.  Send me an e-mail if interested.  jon@jonscrypto.com

9/20/2021 @ 9:39am - Going to start working on our YouTube Channel.  Subscribe now so you don't miss anything.

9/18/2021 @ 9:33am - Left 4 Dead & Left 4 Dead 2 Dedicated Servers have returned...

9/18/2021 @ 8:45am - Ok, Game servers are back online and stable.  Might work on getting the WildCat BBS Back online this weekend too.  CHIA is going really well, Were over 450 TB now.  Going to be adding some interactive buttons to the website to make it a little nicer and not so plain.  [ HARDWARE ] is updated with some new machines we picked up thanks to DELL.  I am also going to try to have a better breakdown on the hardware (along with pictures) and Amazon links soon for those people that want to break into the CHIA scene.  Please feel free to Play World Of Warcraft or Unreal Tournament 2004 anytime.  Discord Server has a slight upgrade and FREEFLIX is 100% copied to the new host machine and online.  I will try to add some new movies as I can but I got to admit, I have like ZERO free time...  Enjoy!

9/14/2021 @ 8:23am - CHIA UPDATE:  Were currently making 75-80 New K32 101Gig Plots per day!  That's great.  Hope to get the DELL EMC's online too and bump that up to over 100 K32 Plots per day.  Just added Two more 50Tb Boxes to the network as well.  (10x) 10 TB Hard Drives.  Current Plot Count is 3,542 Plots.    [ FREEFLIX ] is currently being reupladed to our server.  Over 500 DVD Movies available on Demand for FREE.  Enjoy.

9/13/2021 @ 8:29am - Our Unreal Tournament Halloween & Christmas Servers have returned with a new FAST .UZ2 Redirect.  Please enjoy, Frag ya later...  Started to rough-in some SteamCMD areas for future expansion.  Left 4 Dead and others...  Coming Soon.

9/12/2021 @ 7:33am - World Of Warcraft & Unreal Tournament 2004 has come to JonsCrypto!  Enjoy...

9/11/2021 @ 6:30am - Finally got my Six Harvester machines setup and In Position.  Now I just need to connect all the Drives and copy plots around.  Approx 410 TB Online Right now.  Still Plotting and Building more.  [ HARDWARE ] Updated.   Added [ CHIA ] Sub Section...

9/10/2021 @ 8:20am - Chia Blockchain Updated to v1.2.6

9/2/2021 @ 8:41am - Got Two Dedicated Harvesters online yesterday, Just need to copy plots from tons of external drives, UGH!  [ HARDWARE ] Updated, I have two more Harvesters to build yet and We will have to total CHIA PLOT Space over 600 TB.  Also Setting up SHIB on all servers running in the Background.    Going to Knock this thing out of the park soon.   Please feel free to Join our DISCORD or FACEBOOK GROUP.   Pictures of our setup coming soon...

9/1/2021 @ 9:35am - [ HARDWARE ] Updated...
                                   Chia Blockchain Updated to v1.2.5
                                   MADMAX Plotter Updated to v0.1.6
                                   Created JonsCrypto Group on  Facebook
                                   Created  JonsCrypto Discord Server

9/1/2021 @ 9:02am - Under Construction