We Use:

NiceHash Software v3.0.1.10


MinerGATE x64 GPU v1.7

The Breakdown...

Nice Hash is by far a much better miner then Minergate but If you want to do CPU/GPU Mining you must have an Intel i5 - 4 core or higher.  IT also supports AMD and NVidia GPU Cards.  Unlike Minergate you can ONLY mine BTC Coins, BUT there are over 40 different algorithms you can use (Trex, CudaMiner, BEAM, etc...)...  NiceHash will benchmark your system and automatically change to the most profitable mining algorithms.  You can set power usage, only mine while idle, and more.  GREAT SOFTWARE.  They also offer an internal in house wallet to hold your coins till you decide to send them elsewhere.
Best Wallet & Conversion company out there.  Transfer as little at 99 Cents to your Bank Account, or, $25,000.  I have been with them over 2 years now and do not have any single regrets.  Mine Coin, Buy Coin, Sell Coin, All here...
Great mining Pool for BCH & ZEC.  Amazing HTML User interface, Easy to understand and adjust.  ASIC MINERS ONLY!  NO CPU or GPU Allowed.
Decent for CPU Mining, Pools go offline way to often though...

Depending on the hardware you have I would start with MinerGate/NiceHash.  Once your comfortable move up to an ASIC and SlushPool.    Please feel free to E-mail me anytime if you have questions, comments, or need help with your setup/rig.  [ jonspatz@hotmail.com ]  Were here to help.   We also sell some mining equipment here too, Best Prices Around.  I will be making videos soon of these three pools...


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