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5/29/2020 - Was wondering why the Unreal Tournament Servers were empty, I had a corrupt Texture file.  Should all be fixed now...

5/26/2020 - Just upgraded my internet to Xfinity 1000/35 Package.  Redoing the servers and optimizing for best speed.  Some things may be offline but they should all return asap.  Please bare with us during this time.   Wildcat bbs is back online but everyone must log in as new.

5/20/2020 - The WildCat BBS is back online.. Right now its just stock and everyone will have to log on new.  I will work on adding the doors/online games/files a little bit everyday.  Please come back soon, it wont take us long to get back to where we were at.  Every time i redo part of the system it comes back faster and stronger then before.  I added about 300 new maps to the unreal tournament server pages.  Also, If you don't have the game you can download Unreal Tournament 99 and Unreal Tournament 2004 ECE Edition here for free.  Glad to have the regulars back and all the new people joining.  Funeral Quest and TradeWars 2002 are back, I am thinking of putting together some type of tournament where the winner will receive a REAL WORLD PRIZE!  We are also having a donation drive.  If you want to ship me DVDs, BluRays, CDs, Books, Or Computer Equipment we will take it as a donation and the profits will be used to keep the system alive and ever expanding.  Just e-mail me jonspatz@hotmail.com and let me know what you want to donate.  Yes, We also accept cash.   I added Game Tournaments for WildCat BBS LORDS & Funeral Quest Games.  Winner of each tournament will get a $10 A2K4.COM Gift Card..  Also added some of our older BitCoin Mining Equipment to our CraigsList Adds.

5/19/2020 - All of our Unreal Tournament Servers are Back Online.  99 and 2004 with ALL GAME TYPES supported.  I also started to download custom maps for all game types.  You can Visit Our Unreal Tournament page [ HERE ].  Please feel free to e-mail me any problems you may be having.  We currently have TWO rented servers and I am loading them as much as i can.  Going on start working on a ForSale page but till then you cant see our [ CRAIGSLIST SALES PAGE ].  Enjoy....  We are also accepting donations of cash, movies, hardware, etc..  We take it all...   The MineCraft server seems to be very popular now too.  Just upgraded it to 1.15.2 Java.

5/17/2020 - Lost a server and moving software around.  Our Wildcat bbs is offline for now but I will work on that soon.  Got a Stock Unreal Tournament back online.  Please take some time to visit our [ CRAIGSLIST ] for sale pages..  Some Decent Stuff there and it all goes to help the system.  Just got a batch of Disney BluRays in too, $15/Each or Three for $40.

5/15/2020 - Had a server crash and am currently rebuilding everything.  I had alot of it backed up so we should be back at 100% soon.  Thanks For Stopping in.

5/11/2020 - Added some updates to our [ CryptoCurrency/BitCoin ] page...  I also added and sorted some more movies on the [ www.axisflix.com ] website.  Enjoy a free movie on us.  Started to advertize the [ minecraft.a2k4.com ] server and getting some activity, and I added 500+ [ Unreal Tournament 2004 ]  maps.  Mostly Capture the Flag and 1-on-1.  Were growing and now have TWO rented servers on a Gigabyte Internet Connection.  You can see what we use at our [ HARDWARE ] Page.  Lots of bit coin mining and game information, and don't forget our free movie server.  Enjoy! :)

5/9/2020 - Added a 7 Days to Die Server, Updated the maps for the Rust Server, and I got the MINECRAFT server fixed.  Dum ass me forgot to setup the port forewing so no wonder no one was connecting to it.  Added over 500 more maps to the UT99 & UT2004 Servers, Couple of Skin and Voice Packs too.   Knock on wood, everything seem, to be running pretty good right now.  I also consolidated Three machines into one server and moved all of the www.axisflix.com to that Raid-1 Hard Drive Setup.  If there is something you want me to add please let me know.  Also, Take time to check out the WildCat BBS, Funeral Quest, And TradeWars 2002 servers.  Yes, a True BBS from the 80's.

5/1/2020 - Downloaded over 1,100 Custom Maps, Mutators, Mods, Skins, And More for Unreal Tournament 2004 and installed them.  I also found a problem and figured out why the Unreal Servers have been so slow the past few days.  I forgot to add the .UZ and .UZ2 MIME types to our redirect Web Server.  DUH!  All Up and Running Super Fast.

4/30/2020 - Added over 700 Custom Maps to the Unreal Tournament 2004 Server and Redirector.  I would like to thank UnrealArchive & UTZONE.DE for all the Map Packs I was able to download last night.  It great how many people keep a 16 year old game alive.  Thank You!

4/21/2020 @ 12:16pm - Got everything setup just about the way I want it.  Brought the HLDS Servers back online today, Working on our [ HARDWARE ] List.  Yesterday I added Two new game types to the Unreal Tournament 2004 server and added over 250 Custom Maps.  Yes, They are all in the UZ2 Redirector and will download from the dedicated server super fast.   I have not updated [ AXISFLIX ] in awhile because of moving stuff around, copying files, and working on BitCoin miners.  Quarantine Suck but it gives me lots of time to work on the system.  Hope you enjoy.  You can e-mail me at jonspatz@hotmail.com if you find any problems, broken links, or just have a suggestion.  Thanks for Stopping By...  Don't Forget to connect to our WildCat BBS.

4/20/2020 - Added Two new game types to unreal tournament 2004.  Assault & Capture The Flag.   Also installed over 250 new & custom maps to the server.  Redirects are done for faster downloads.  Enjoy, Click the quick launch link below.   Also Added VCTF and Car Ball to the server.

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