[ System News ]

8/3/2020 - Doing some system upgrades and file copies..  Stay Chill....

7/28/2020 - We added Quick Launch Links to all Steam Command Servers Thanks to help from Our Discord Server...

7/27/2020 - All Websites, E-Mail Servers, Movie Files, WildCat BBS, and Unreal Tournament 99/2004 Servers are 100% ONLINE!  If you notice any problems with those areas PLEASE send me an e-mail to jonspatz@hotmail.com so I can get it corrected.  The SteamCMD Servers and Retro FTPs are still currently being uploaded so their will be some missing files.  For some reason Funeral Quest has decided to take a shit on us so i will try to get that back online as soon as possible.  Please consider a Donate to [ GO FUND ME ] to help keep the system alive.

7/24/2020 - I got myself a rented server to help with the work load.  I am trying to balance everything between the three networks now.  E-mail, Web Sites, The WildCAT BBS, and Unreal Tournament are 100% online and working on the new server.  It will take me a day or two so i can copy the rest of the files around.  If something your looking for is down just try again an hour later, it might be back online at that time.  I updated the [ HARDWARE ] section to show our new server and other equipment status.  Enjoy.  Please consider Donating because the rented server just added another $50 per month expense.

7/19/2020 - We added a GOFUNDME Donation button so you can help keep the system and archive alive.  Thank You & See Below...

7/16/2020 - I had to consolidate some servers together and shut some down because the front computer room temperature was up to 104 degrees.  Right now the ASIC Z9's are making alot of heat with such hot weather outside.   All of our games are back online except for MineCraft and some less popular SteamCMD Games.  I will bring the two PowerEdge servers back online once its a little cooler outside.  In the winter months all the computers keep the house heated for free.  During the summer time its just so darn hot..  We use too much power to run a window A/C in the front room like we did last year.  I do have to stay with the Z9 Bitcoin miners because thats what pays the bills around here.  Pretty much everything should be running at normal using the Two Basement servers which are i7 machines.  Enjoy.    I always update the [ HARDWARE ] Section as soon as i make changes.  You can check there to see what's running.

7/13/2020 - I am sure you noticed we are giving the website a slight facelift for quicker browsing.  Hope you like it.  Were going every day.  I will be taking some pictures of the new equipment that we brought online and some of the ASIC mining Pool.

7/7/2020 - You can now download Unreal Tournament 99/GOTY and 2004 from the Unreal Tournament Page.  We are supplying the full install and most recent patch if you are unable to find your discs.  I have also been adding some new movies to the AXISFLIX.COM movie site.  Please check it out.   We are running on my two local networks here.  A Xfinity Gigabyte and a Verizon DSL connection.  If speeds are slow on the one I suggest you try the other or mirror.   Please take some time to checkout what we have for sale on [ CRAIGSLIST ] and help support the system expansion.  We also have over 155,000 files for download from our [ WildCAT BBS ].   I will be expanding the FTP section of that software to help with transfers.

7/3/2020 -  Moved some hardware around, Installed Two new NVidia GTX 1650 Super card to the systems, Also added Two more NVidia GT 1030 cards.  Website and BBS are going well, Installed some new systems to the mix for SlushPool Mining. [ HARDWARE ]  is updated there so you can see.   Also added Two more AntMiner Z9/Mini ASIC Miners and all the windows and steam game updates.  Its been a busy 24 hours here, lol.  Hope you enjoy!

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