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4/22/2018 - Hello All...  In 2 Hours it will be my 44th Birthday.  Been a long journey but I guess it was all worth it.  I have been working with BBS's, Computers, Video Games, Emulation, Web Sites since they were 1st though of back in 1988.  Cant believe I am 44, It just blows my mind.   Well for today news I added 11 new movies and 190 new unreal tournament maps.  I sorted some of the movies too and created a new "Romance" section.  Enjoy the site and the games... Happy Birthday to me.

4/19/2018 - I am excited, After 4 years of  being out of business Funeral Quest was Updated and Released.  Now Playable here.. Java Web game and Tons of fun.  Your a undertaker, just take it from there.  One of the best BBS games I have ever run... Was a huge hit in 2000-2007 When a ran my acc system in Pottsville.  Enjoy, will see you at the quest.  We are running a 90-Day Tournament... And there will be a prize for the top Player... Probably a Free Bluray or DVD of your choice, so make sure to come back often to play.  I am giving 100 Turns a day so we should have some big scores...

4/17/2018 - Happy Anniversary to me, My wife and I have been together 3 long years, I don't know how she puts up with me...  Almost all the Wildcat BBS doors are Now Registered.  T-lord is and All of the SunRise BBS Software.  I spent this morning maxing out the turns..  Instead of the normal 15 turns in T-Lord, you get 95.. Instead of 2 spins in the sunrise lotto you will get 99.  All Turns are MAXED OUT so you can enjoy everything for as long as you want.  Added another IGM to T-Lord.  I am trying to make this a total retro experience for you.  After we have more users and their adjusted to the Doors I am going to offer a Prize to the top person..  Like Give out a Free BluRay/DVD to the top/most winning user Every Month.  We now have over 9,000 Files, Mostly BBS Related (WildCat/PCboard/WWIV/etc..), Some BBS Ready CD-ROMS, and my personal favorite Retro Gaming.  Its like you just turned the clock back to 1994 and play Commander Keen. LOL...  Still scanning and adding movies to get the media server ready.  Enjoy.

4/16/2018 - Been doing a lot of work on the system, especially the Wildcat BBS and the Movies section.  For our retro bbs we have T-LORD Registered with some IGM's, We also have every game door From SunRise BBS Software and there registered.  Added about 30 new movies in the past day or two as well.  A good friend of mine is letting me scan in her entire DVD collection so were becoming more and more like Netflix every day.  Log into the retro WildCat BBS and play classic games like you had to in the dial up days.  We also expanded the File System on the BBS and now we have over 8,000 BBS Related Files.  It is our goal to be the biggest and the best.  The mirror sight is now getting updated every day as well, Just in case this is the mirror [HERE]  If there is anything you would like us to add, please e-mail me.  Please visit our sponsors which are listed below and on the side bar.  Oh yea, Yet another credit card processor can suck t!  Same as all the others, collect the setup fee, say they will process for you, then 2-3 weeks in they say your credit score is too low and kick you to the curb.  So its CASH & MONEY ORDERS again.  Sorry.


4/13/2018 - Just uploaded/added 8 more CD-Rom's Full of BBS Related files.  Night Owl and more.  Now those cd's are from like 1992 to 1999 but it still has everything you need to setup a retro bbs.  I am also going to turn the FTP on today for easier upload/download for you.  You must be a registered user though to use FTP.   We are also giving everyone Full Access on the 1st call.  Added 2,000 Files and 25 Games to the system.  Telnet:// is how to get there.  Mirror site is 100% updated and available for usage is .  I will probably be setting up a new domain soon for the mirror.  Enjoy everyone...

4/12/2018 - Still working on Cleaning up the Movie Directories and put them in to Groups, Like Horror, Action, eTc..   All new movies will be put into the NEW/UNSORTED section till I get them to their proper section.  I am adding allot of TV series ones now so I hope you enjoy them.  I know I was watching the original 1984 Transformers Cartoon while I was working on the website last night.  Also have a Bunch of G.I. Joe cartons from that same time period, Like the weather dominator and MASS Machine.  I still have to finish putting all the new movies and video games on to our online store.  I have about 3/4 of  the Xbox One Stuff on and thats it.  For a hobby system were really growing fast.  I want to try and get more online games and files into our wildcat BBS section.  Was looking at some of my old SimTel & Night Owl BBS Cd-rom for stuff to add..  The bbs now has over 110 Registered Users and a lot of online door games.  Ahh Yes, The Old days before the internet when one line BBS ran the world... lol...  You can Download the telnet terminal program from our WildCat Page, Or [ HERE ]  This weekend I am going to be doing a lot of updates to the system and cleaning it up / Streamlining it.   Thanks for visiting...  We also now accept Credit Cards for your Purchase.

4/11/2018 - Started to separate Movies section into Sci-Fi, Horror, Kids, TV, etc...  Looking a lot nicer.. Not the way I want to leave it but it defiantly looks better then it did before. Check It out.  Took a little bit of a break from download Unreal Maps, and put that time into doors for the wildcat.  I also downloaded some Retro BBS Ready Shareware CD's, I will be putting them online in the next couple of days.. Lots of BBS Add-On, Doors, Fossil, PCBoard, Wildcat, and more.  Would love to get some donations going here too.   Lots of items on sale, and we now accept Cash & Credit Cards.  If you want to donate e-mail me and I will send you an invoice for whatever amount you specify.  Thats All for now, Been a busy week.  Also had to add a age verification for the movies section, IF your under 18 don't bother..

4/8/2018 - Hello, lots of new stuff going on here.  Added about 20 DVDs to the movie Server, Added some IGM's to the T-Lord game, Added a bible trivia game and made two huge bins of discount movies.  There is a $5 Bin and a $7 Bin.  You can see them advertized on craigslist, Well everything we have on craigslist by clicking the picture below.  These $5 and $7 movies are BRAND NEW and still Sealed, a lot of good titles too but once there gone then there gone.  There are no further discounts, coupons, sales, etc... that goes with them.  The prices are $5 and $7 FIRM, I am pretty much clearing them out AT COST so we can bring in newer stuff..  Please e-mail me if you want anything out of those bins - Through Craigslist.  I also setup a new unreal tournament 2004 server, Its a 1-on-1 Server with 4 player spots, Of course its ALL CUSTOM 1-on-1 Maps.   You can click [ HERE ] to launch ut2004 right now and go to the server.   Looking to setup a couple more server, looking at a VCTF next.  Still need to finish listing the Xbox One Stuff on the Online Store.  Also have a lot of PS4 Stuff and the new release blurays.

4/7/2018 - YES!  The new online store is ONLINE and it can process your credit cards.   Check it out [ HERE ]  I only have about 80 different Xbox One Titles listed but I will be busting my butt this weekend to get even more on.  Looking for donations of DVD movies as well.  If you just looking to get rid of them please let us know.. We will either pick them up or pay for shipping.   Also, hers another concept that I have been throwing around.  Were going to have some DOOR tournaments.  1st Place would be $10 or your choice of a DVD at equal value.  Maybe a $10 Steam Card maybe $10 credit here to buy what you want.  I just started to think about that last night when I was loading all of the SunRise game doors.  Throw in some T-lord and other online wildcat sysops.   I added a [ WILDCAT BBS ] page just like the other page template we uses here.  It will be all about the Wildcat WinSERVER.  Once I get everything installed, registered, and the bulletins up and working we will know who's going to win what.  I used to-do the a lot in my way younger days.  I have been messing around with computers and dialup BBS's since I was in 5th Grade on a nice Apple ][. LOL... But we would have tournaments and your prizes would be like a 10pack of 3.5" Disks, etc..   Also am thinking about trying my hand at a YouTube channel just kind of in format of Daniel Tosh on Tosh.0.   If anyone has or wants a door installed just e-mail me.

   Ok, Were really eating up the hard drive space guys.  Below are Two Pictures of why we are running out of space.  We currently have over 1,900 Movies and TV Series, thus taking up 514 GIGS!   As far as maps go, We have 4,065 Custom Maps and I am easily installing 100 maps a day.  There goes another 60 GIGS Space.  We have some decent storage options available to us here too, so don't worries..  Our Rented server has a 2 TB drive.,  All of our workstation have at least a 320Gig Drive.  We also have the Raid-1 WD Backup box, and blah... blah... blah..   I am also signing up for the InterBBS League through SunRise Doors for Wildcat Winserver.  There is 4 or 5 decent adventure doors online now such as T-LORD.  Most of the doors are kind of corny like dice games and video poker.  But there freeware now so I might as well install them.  Still waiting for my Keys to totally unlock EVERY SunRise WC Door Games.  I am still continuing to scan in more movies too..  We went to the local flee market/auction here and I picked up 4 movies and three different season of TV shows.  I also want to start archiving some of the classic games for years ago.  Halo, Unreal 99, 2k3, and 2k4.  Pain Killer,  Pariah,  Prey and more.

    DONATION SPEECH.  It take a lot of time, money, and resources to keep up running.  So if you would like to donate any DVDs, computer parts, hard drives, servers to us that would be so greatly appreciated.  Just e-mail and we can figure it out from there.  Of course you could always throw a $5 in a envelope and that would help out a ton.  Hell just the main rented server is $50 a month..  Just throwing it out there for those people that are independently wealthy.  Let it trickle down some.  If you a local to us we can even come and pickup what you don't want anymore.  We recycle old computers and help those without get what they need.  Its a way we can give back to the community.

4/6/2018 - Well, as usual I added some more unreal tournament 2004 Maps.   I was also messing around with the WildCat Winserver BBS today too.  We currently had T-LORD v2.8 only, I added a dice game and some time bank door.  I forgot how easy it is do install wc code doors.  Only problem is some of the doors I was able to download are unregistered doors from 1997, I doubt any of those companies survived. I do have a few Tlord IGM's to install too.  Its just in the starting stages and we already have over 100 users.   I would love to install more games Both online and offline, I need to expand our software sections too..  Everything is a work in progress.  If you have a Wildcat DOOR or TLORD IGM you want me to look into just e-mail me.  Looking into a Fido net news feed, nntp server, and Interleague bbs games.  Enjoy....  Well I installed about 20 of the WCode doors that I was able to find after all these years.  Also got a nice Door32.sys conversion program, so I can install even more classic games to the bbs system.  I am going to try to add a few daily on top of all the other work I do here.  We also are now over 100 Users registered on the system.

4/5/2018 - Still working on getting everything at Volusion setup and the dam credit card processing is what's holding me up.  I have most of the Xbox Stuff all listed.  Ordered a ton of movies today too, I will be adding them to the media server.  Below is also a working inventory of our Xbox One Games.  Check the pictures out and let me know what you need... I am also bringing in some system too, No more 500g xbox one's here, the new units are all 1 TB ones.  If they have a great deal I will bring some 500g's in but I don't plan on it.  You can now browse the online store, just cant checkout yet.. [ STORE HERE ]   Support your local business...   Still working on adding even more maps & Mutators to the Unreal Tournament 2004 server.  I am also going to be setting up some 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 servers hopefully for this weekend on one of our local machines.  Also have to work on expanding the wildcat BBS WinSERVER. Some Nice custom Menus and a few more games, Right now were only running Tournament Lords.  I would also like to thank MAPRAIDER for allowing me to leach and download over 4,000 Custom Unreal Tournament 2004 maps.  Got to thank UT-FILES too for keeping an amazing amount of UZ2 Texture and Sound files alive. I know I am just small potatoes but they kept the game going and going and going like a little energizer bunny.  I cant Believe its been 15 Years Since UT2k3 was released.


4/4/2018 - Standard updates today.  Added some more items to our online store which should be online in a day or two.  I installed 1,500 Unreal Tournament Maps today, Also upgraded to the x64 version of the server, Bumped up the cache on each server to 64Megs.  Makes everything run like OMG so much faster.  Knock on wood but the server  has been running good the past few days.  Were adding content to it everyday.  The Wildcat bbs has been quite busy as well as the Tournament Lords game.  I think once we get some more people on the T-LORD I will give out prizes, Just something fun like a 16Gig USB Memory Stick, or maybe a $10 Gift Certificate to our Online Store, Just something simple.  I really do want to add more door games to the BBS just with everything else its hard to have enough time.  We have 300+ Movies Loaded on our media server (Which will soon be online too).  Adding new game servers, adding custom maps and content what's already installed.  You guys really have no clue the amount of man hours I put into this setup.  I am literally on the computer from 8am till 1am everyday.  Scanning in all the DVD's take time too..  I can rip a 2 hour movie in about 20 Minutes, Give or Take 5 Minutes.  I am always on E-Bay looking for deal on movies and games.  Hope you guys really enjoy our system, Hopefully I can get some positive feedback or ideas in my e-mail box from you guys.   All UTserver are back Online, All running 32 Players Max and a combined 3,700 Custom Maps.  Media Server has 933 Movies/TV Episodes loaded on it as well.  Check them out!  Please give us a chance to help your movie/video game collections, This entire system is paid for by the profit of sales from our online store..  You can also feel free to donate too if you want. :)

4/2/2018 - Putting the final touches on the Online Store, Got about 70 Items loaded to go live online tomorrow.  Still have another 200+ to list though with the movies and ps4 stuff.  Added a TON of movies to the media server today too.  I cant believe how much have loaded on there already.  Over 300 Movies & TV Series Box Sets.  Its going to be a monster when its done.  Got all setup with EVO Merchant services for the processing and just need to plug it into the online store.  You can also use COUPON CODE "HAPPY44" to save 15% On your ENTIRE ORDER!  Enjoy, Any problems let me know asap at  Thanks!


4/1/2018 - Happy Easter Everyone!  Been busy most of the past 2 days scanning in movies to our media server and I got 41 Items listed on the new online store.  Just waiting for Volusion to finish the paperwork which should be no later then Tuesday (4/3) and I can officially click the Open Store Button, YEA!!!  Working on updating pictures of online stock, Below are some Xbox One Pictures of what's in stock.  Don't worry, Once the new store is all setup things will go like clockwork and our inventory system is setup like you would not believe, On hand Quantity, Low Stock Alert, and automatic reordering.  This will make sure we have your favorites in stock all the time.  ALL of our Xbox One Games start at only $8.99.  Enjoy!  Installed new updated FEAR Server Status Link, Should be fully upgraded Version 2.0.6 Beta3 Soon.

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