~ NEWS ~

7/20/2021 @ 6:05pm - Still chugging along with the CHIA project.  Added more hard drive space and another machine.  Upgraded all Plotters to the new MADMAX v0.1.1 Software and CHIA Protocol v1.2.2.  All machines running MVNE/M.2 and SSD Drives.  [  Space Pool Stats ] are here alone with a [ HARDWARE ] Update.  Still getting machines online and hope to work some more on things this weekend.

7/13/2021 @ 7:16am - Total System CHIA Storage is now 74 TB.  Still have more to add and a lot of Plots to make.  [ HARDWARE ] Updated.

7/9/2021 @ 9:59am - World Of Warcraft, Left For Dead I & II, and Counter Strike Source & v1.6 are now back online.  Unreal Tournament 2004 Should return today.  Also, The wildcat bbs is back online after a machine change.  [ HARDWARE ] Updated.

7/8/2021 @ 7:58am - Decided to bring the FREEFLIX site back online.  This is like your own personal & FREE Netflix.

7/8/2021 @ 7:24am - I shut everything down 2 days ago to rethink and rework the direction we want to go with this server.   I have started to bring things back online today, just basic functions like the Website & E-Mail.  All farming, mining, game servers, bbs, etc will be offline till I decide which direction I want to take them.  Don't get me wrong, I very much believe in the CHIA project but I have yet to see one cent from it after farming for 3 months.  Also, the new official CHIA pool are out with version 1.2 but you have to REPLOT all your storage which it quite a ware and tear on the equipment.   If you go to our Craigslist page we are selling off a lot of the Bitcoin miners and hardware and a very reduced price, Let me know if your interested in anything.   Hopefully in a day or two I will decide which direction to take this project.  Stay Tuned here for updates.  I have updated the [ HARDWARE ] Section with what is Actually being used/run at this time.

7/4/2021 @ 5:01pm - Just added FOUR more 4 TB USB Hard Drives to the SILICOIN Farmer.  +16 TB for us!

7/4/2021 @ 12:32pm - Just converted some of our CHIA PLOTS over to SILICOIN because of such crazy Network Growth.  SILICOIN is a CHIA FORK and you can find out more here ( https://www.silicoin.cc/ ).  I am going to update our Hardware Section yet again...

7/3/2021 @ 8:09am - MILESTONE: Woke up to 602 CHIA 101 Gig Plots.  We now have over 60 TB of CHIA Storage.  That's nothing to sneeze at!

7/1/2021 @ 9:52pm - World Of Warcraft & Left 4 Dead are back online.  I will try to get more put back online tomorrow.  Night...

7/1/2021 @ 8:14pm - Things are starting to come together here, Slowly.  I got another Dual Xeon 3.07 Farmer online tonight, just need to download the block chain which takes almost a whole day in itself.  We pulled the plug on all the Bitcoin Mining and are going totally with CHIA Farming.  Currently using Core Pool but CHIA will be releasing the pool protocol any day now and we will start our own pool here.   I will try to get some pictures of the equipment once the 12U rack is put together.  [ HARDWARE ] has been updated with what's currently running.  Anything in yellow has not been installed yet, Parts are on the way.  Ta Da!

6/27/2021 @ 11:29am - Well I decided I will continue to make CHIA Plots till the hard drives I currently have are Full.   I will not be buying anymore for now till I get some type of decent return on my investment.   I am hoping to have some of the game servers back online today, I need to upgrade both of the servers to 80 Gigs of Ram each.  I bought the chips awhile back so I might as well install them.  So Dual Xeons w/ 80 Gigs of ram sounds like a nice round number, lol...  The CryptoCurrency world is really dropping fast so I am glad I got out of bitcoin when I did.  Going from $64k to $30k in 60 days is a HUGE hit to the income and since I am not doing that anymore it gives me time to get back to the game servers and some other projects I wanted to work on.  I hope to have our new DISCORD server online later today as well.   [ HARDWARE ] has been updated again.

6/24/2021 @ 10:21am - Got the R610-P3 1U Server setup with Raid and an M.2 Drive.  It makes Three 101Gig Plots every 5 1/2 Hours so that would be 1.2TB Network Growth per day, or 12 Plots.  R610-P1 has also been running now for a few days and makes the same amount of plots.  3880-1 is going to be repurposed into a PLOT builder and WWW/BBS Server.  Hoping to get that done sometime tonight if at all possible.  If I get some extra time I want to build the 12U Server rack I purchased for this repurpose and get the servers seated in their slots.  Joy Joy, Lots of work to do, It never ends.  [ HARDWARE ] has been updated again.

6/23/2021 @ 8:56am - Continuing to Repurpose machines to Chia Farmers since we gave Bitcoin the Boot.  Working on getting more game servers back online and totally redoing all the machine.  [ HARDWARE ] has been updated with current machine status.  If there is something you would like to see added please shoot me an e-mail and let me know.  jonspatz@hotmail.com   The WildCat BBS Continues to live even with low call volume, Guess I need to advertise it some more and see about adding files and online games to the BBS.  Discord has been shutdown till I create a new one, FTP is also Offline for now.  Like I said, were going thru a TOTAL restructure and repurpose here.

6/20/2021 @ 6:33am - Under Construction.