2/18/2018 - Big Big Big things happening here soon.  We are going to continue to run the "FEB40" code on the online store a little longer.  Right now is a great time to save 40% of EVERYTHING on the online store.  Added about 20 new movies today, and over 500 Custom Ut2004 Maps, ChaosUT, .uz2 archives, and a Assault server.  I know the connection we are on right now is too slow to run games of this caliber but I paid for a Rented Dedicate Server on a Gigabyte Connection.  IT should be out of provisioning and online Tomorrow (Monday).   It will take at least a day to upload everything to the server but I will be taking care of the most important stuff first, like website and game servers.  I am also asking for donations of any DVDs, Video Games (Xbox 360/One and PS3/PS4) etc...  IF you just have them laying around consider sending them to us and we can put them to good use to expand our system.  Like I said, we will be offline a little tomorrow to move al the server files. Temporary inconvenience, Permanent Improvement.

2/16/2018 - Well, I found and just paid for a dedicated server in Atlanta Georgia.  Have to wait for the final setup and I can start moving files over.   I will start with the website them move over to the game servers. Expect intermittent problems over the weekend as all the files are moved.  Just the website alone is over 200 Gigs.  The server has Dual Xeon Quad Core, 24 Gigs of Ram, 1 Gigabit network, and 2tb of hard drive space.  The static ip will be nice too, no need for constant updates.  Goanna tear through the data like a hot knife cutting warm butter, lol...  More to come...   Just added another 94 Maps to the Unreal Tournament 2004 server.  Still waiting for the dedicated server to be setup and provisioned.   I hope I am able to work on it all weekend. Its going to make a huge difference in our speed.   I must give a shout out to http://www.unrealplayground.com/  for keeping Unreal Alive after 14 Years.  They have the largest archive of custom maps and mods I have ever seen.

2/14/2018 - Happy Valentines day everyone.  Been busy here looking for another dedicated server to host our stuff.  Had to chance a bug out of the Unreal Tournament 2004 server.  When the server went to start and compile, BAM, it would error out.  Well one of the new maps I added to the server (.UT2) file was corrupt.  I also searched the internet and other redirects site for some missing textures and such.  I will be keeping a better eye from now on for when I install custom maps.  The "FEB40" code is still good with our online store.  I did not list all the NEWEST stuff online yet because I am cleaning out older stuff at 40%.   As soon as the 40% coupon is over I will add all the new games and movies.  So, Shop now while you can, I don't know when I will retire the code, Probably Sunday 2/18 @ Midnight.  Also have a open box buy Xbox One S (4k) - 500g - Ultimate Halo Bundle here.  You get the system, halo collection, and halo 5 only $160, thats a deal.. One Left..   Still adding movies and TV shows to the server, Really doesn't matter right now because with the 3/1mps DSL no one is going to view them. I will keep adding them and once we get a dedicated server I will move them there.  Hopefully soon.  Ta Da! Were s still here.. Check out our Craigslist listings too.  Our wow server is actually starting to get people on.. Sign up today for Vanilla v1.12.1 World Of Warcraft.

$160 (Open Box Buy/NEW)

2/12/2018 - Updated the CLEARANCE Section of the website.  We now have Brand New Bluray Movies for only $5/Each or Five for $20.  Make sure to check out the Clearance section before there all gone.  Website and Telnet BBS are going strong, lot of new people logging in, so thanks for coming to visit us.  Still got a lot that I want to do but the clearance section was bothering me.  I also want to update all the Funko Pops that we have.  I am going to be closing them out too because we never really got them to take off.  I also added a ton more new movies and installed even more custom Unreal Tournament 2004 Maps.  Still searching for a new dedicated host, might have found one, will let you know in a day or two.  Also use code "FEB40" for 40% Off the online store.. From now till whenever I decide I cleared enough off the shelves.  You can also check out our Craigslist Posts my clicking [ HERE ]  I will try to keep them up to date under our user number.

2/11/2018 - I finally got around to updating the WildCAT bbs system.  Put File Areas, Setup Message Areas, Turn on the NNTP News Feed, and installed the first game on the server, WT-LORD 2.8.  Anyone who has used a BBS in the past knows about the LORD game.  Fresh Start Today, Log in at Telnet://a2k4.com:2300   I will be making a sub page for the BBS and the movies section whenever I get around to it.  Running a business and having a child under age 2 tearing everything out keeps be pretty busy.  Still looking for a dedicated server but what I think I will do is continue to set up on our local connection then I can upload everything to the dedicated server all at one time.  We easily have over 50 movies loaded on the webpage but at a 3/1 dsl connection it would take days to download them, lol...  Taking a slight break from ordering anything so I can get some of the stock we have down.  Been spending all my time on the Xbox/Ps4 stuff, now I need to give the DVD / BLURAY / 4K Movies a good shake. and get them listed.  Honestly, Our online store is a joke and I will be closing it for a different service soon.  Stay Tuned for new updates.  If you need to get a hold of me use jons@axismovies.com  Thank you. BTW, Yes, Our WT-LORDS v2.8 is Registered.  Added a New Unreal Tournament 2004 Server.   ut2004://a2k6:6666 its all custom MPC Maps.  Enjoy...

2/10/2018 - Been a crazy busy few days here.  Lots of new inventory.. Lots of sales going on till midnight 2/11.  Added over 20 new Movies to the movie section.  I know that really doesn't matter because with the backup DSL speed you cant download or watch any of them, But as soon as we find a new dedicated server with enough storage and enough bandwidth we will upload them there as part of the complete website.  Also added over 90 new maps and did the uz2 compression for Unreal Tournament 2004.  I will be added a lot more and once again it really doesn't matter while we are on the backup system, but once uploaded to a new dedicated server things will be amazing.  I want to expand into all aspects of the ut2k4 platform with assault and Capture the flag.   I want to expand the ut2k4 sub page and make new map packs so all our regulars can be download free.  Keep coming back, it changes every day here.

2/7/2018 - Well its a snowy day here in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, USA.  Must have a good 5 Inches of the white stuff and its sleeting now covering everything in ice and making it crunchy.  Both our internet connection are acting up so please bear with us.  The Xfinity and the Verizon DSL are going in and out.  Could be from all the ice on the lines, It could also be that all the kiddies are home from school and sucking up my bandwidth, lol...   Lots of new stuff today, I got a Playstation 4/SLIM 1TB/Star Wars BattleFront 2 bundle and some games.  Destiny 2 and Titan fall 2.  I have a lot more coming once the mail lady shows up but who knows what time that will be, lol.. With all this snow and ice she might not be here till 5pm.  I will post updated pictures of today's stash for you later..  Just bare with us, I cant control the Weather. As you can see Our Shelves are FULL... Time to SELL

2/6/2018 - Well more stuff today. See pictures below.   I have noticed the website loads so much slower without the dedicated server.  So, I am going to reduce the size of the pictures I post so it will load faster.  Network is holding up but its slow.  Once I have some sales and get it loaded onto my debit card I can go searching for hosts again.  Here's Today's Take...   I will be Cropping and Reducing image quality till dedicated serer is back...


2/5/2018 - Lots and Lots of new items today.  This is going to be a busy week for me because I have over 50 new items coming in, including systems.  Make sure you get in contact with me before Sunday 2/11 when the 20% sale ends.  Also, If you buy a system, I will give you 25% Off ALL GAMES purchased at the same time as the system.  Like I have said before, Everything we sell is BRAND NEW and FACTORY SEALED.  Below are pictures of everything that came in today.  Cant Wait for Tomorrow....


2/4/2018 - I cant believe that the Philadelphia Eagles FINALLY won a Super Bowl.  Because of that We are extending our 20% off Sale.  All Sales, Local Or Internet will be 20% Off. Everything, Including Video Game Systems.  We now have PS 4 Slim 1tb Star Wars Battle Front 2 Bundle and Xbox One S (4k) Forza Hot Wheels Bundles (Pictures Below).  I am also trying to keep up with the web site and everything else thats going on.  I did start to customize the Wildcat bbs with Different file and message groups.  The movies section is growing faster then I though, I will have to get another Raid drive to store them on.  All game server are offline except for Unreal Tournament 2004,  F.E.A.R.,  and MINECRAFT. Still searching for a good Dedicated Server.  Jon's datacenter was prone to reboots and power outages.  I am temporally  Hosting all sites here locally.  Its slow but it works, Still better than nothing.  The 20% off sale is only good till Sunday 2/11, and the 20% if off the Markey Price.  No other discounts going on at this time.  Our Brand New Items are already Priced lower then GameStop's Used Prices, and now you get an extra 20%..  Enjoy.


2/3/2018 - XBOX UPDATE.  20% Off EVERYTHING Systems and Games Till Sunday Night (2/4 @ Midnight)  Updated Pictures of inventory. See Below:


2/1/2018 - Started to make sub-pages for the more popular parts of the website.   Right now I am putting together a Unreal Tournament 2004 Page obviously with All of our unreal news/downloads/patches/map packs/etc...  I am adding movies left and right to our movie server, I have also started to designate tasks to the other machines in the network so each sub-page will have a hardware section so you know what where running on.  Also Today I sorted and separated all of our XBOX ONE GAMES and took pictures.  I will be putting them on the website sometime tomorrow.  Sales are still slow but we are going to survive.  Doing a 20% Off EVERYTHING sale Till Midnight on 2/4.  Yes, Thats 20% Off Systems Too.  Let me know what you guys want.

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