9/19/2018 - The movies are flying out just as fast as they come in..  Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom is now available in three flavors..  BluRay/DVD or Bluray/DVD/Funkopop Keychain, or the Ultimate SteelBook that has ALL FIVE Jurassic Park Movies.  Below is the New Stuff for today... Place Your Orders soon before its too late....


9/18/2018 - For some reason the Unreal Tournament 2004 servers went offline and a game type cache error.  I have fixed just about all of them except for JAILBREAK & CARBALL.  For some reason those two (non-UT2004 Core Files) are not working.  I guess I will have to reinstall them and see if that works.  So, Right now we have 10 of our 12 Servers up and running.  Obviously, I am going to fix the JB/CB before adding any new servers to the system.  They are all optimized now and I increases the Cache to 128Megs.. It was set at 64Megs before.  32 Megs is the default and not nearly enough.  Not a big fan of errors but I will figure it out in a day or two.  I also increased the bots on each map from 4 to 6.  Also using the new custom bot rosters from the SkinPacks.  You can fight SpongeBob, Darth Vader, The entire Futurama Cast, Blade, Mr. Smith, etc... It will randomly pick the bots from the ones we have installed.  I understand this might take an extra 30 seconds on the map download but its quite fun actually.  The corrupted Cache directory was really jerking my chain.  Keep coming back because were always expanding, Both with game servers, www.axisflix.com and Wholesale Prices on Xbox One / PlayStation 4 / Blurays / DISNEY / DVDs and more.  I ended up adding Two new game types to the Unreal Tournament Server: Last Man Standing & Bombing Run.  Will look into more later.. So we now have 14 Servers Running.

9/17/2018 - Added a ForSale Landing Page to make FACEBOOK / Craigslist sales posts more easily accessible.  Also added more extras to the Unreal Tournament 2004 Server.  SkinPacks, MapPacks, VoicePacks, and more and more Maps.  We are EASILY one of the largest Unreal Tournament 2004 Sites in the WORLD!  Enjoy...

9/16/2018 - Picked up 45 DVDs that we don't have scanned into the system yet.  I will be working on that for probably 2 or 3 days.  Check out www.axisflix.com to see what the new titles are.   Also Updated the Xbox One and Playstation 4 For sale areas.  I gave up on the PlayStation 4 stuff a while back because we weren't having many sales, but I decided to start bringing it back in when I find decent deal.  We are also going to start working with some USED stuff for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 systems.  Only games at this time, Not hardware.  I have also been working on making our Unreal Tournament 2004 Server Number One in the world.  I should finish downloading the last of the maps from www.UTzone.de tonight and get them checked, compressed and loaded on the server by tomorrow night.  I am also going to add two more game types, Bombing Run and Last Man Standing.  Both will be 32man servers with a fast .UZ2 downloader. Still need to plug Xfinity 25/5 into the servers that are just sitting Idle now.  We have Three Dell PowerEdge R610's to be used.  Added over 400 USED DVDs to the list...  Keep In Touch and Checkout the PS4 Stuff Below:

9/14/2018 - Well it was a busy night of downloading.  Added Over 1,000 Unreal Tournament 2004 Maps across all 12 Game Types.  Also downloaded some Textures, StaticMeshes, Sounds, Voice Packs, and more.  Been Busy doing UZ2 Compressions all morning.  I also increased the came cache from 32Megs to 64Megs on each server.  Streamlined the .UPL Cache Files so the server reload the next map in like 10 seconds instead of recompiling everything which can take like 30+ Seconds.   Please Enjoy.  I have more maps to download and I do believe that would make us the LARGEST Unreal Tournament 2004 Server In The WORLD!.  Also looking into added more server types like Bombing Run and Last Man Standing.  ENJOY!!

9/13/2018 - Download more Maps and some Voice Packs for Unreal Tournament 2004.  I also streamlined the *.UCL map pointer files for a much faster load on the server end.  Must have increased compiling time by (10x)

9/12/2018 - Ok guys, Guess?? Yes, I added 13 new movies to the www.axisflix.com server.   Yes, I downloaded more Unreal Tournament 2004 Maps/Mod.   Yes, Below are picture of the new stuff that came in....

9/11/2018 - Added 107 New Unreal Tournament 2004 Maps...  AS, CTF, DM, ONS, and VCTF.   Enjoy guys...   Also Added another Xfinity 25/5 Cable Modem to the servers.

9/10/2018 - Work here as usual.  Added more movies to the www.axisflix.com server.  Listed a ton of really decent titles in our $5/USED BLURAY section.  Most of those blurays were my personal ones that I just cracked open to upload to the media server/axisflix.com site.  They were used one time for scanning.  Great Deals there, Check them out along with our other cheap blurays [ HERE ] or see the pictures below.  More updates later but I am going to go download like 100 Unreal Tournament 2004 Maps to add to the game server.  ARK is online and running Well. :) WOHOO!

9/9/2018 - I finished moving the www.axisflix.com server over to the J1800 Machine and the 3TB Raid-1 Western Digital Box.  It is now online and working 100%   I also decided to go look for any Unreal Tournament 2004 maps I may have missed, well I found a whole new site in a different country that has tons of maps that we do not have.   I installed 160 of them tonight across the AS, CTF, DM, and ONS Servers.  Enjoy and I will go back for more tomorrow.  What I want to do now is to really work on getting pictures of the new $5/ea BluRay Movie Section with tons of classic titles.   I also added a bunch of $5 BluRays, These are Brand New & Factory Sealed.. Last chance to get them before its off to E-Bay.

9/8/2018 - I have decided to Give the Playstation 4 and Disney Movies another crack.  Seems like before everyone wanted Xbox One Stuff but now the PS4 Stuff is being asked for.  Also Disney was asked for a lot and sold a lot I just lost my distributer there and never bothered to pick up another one.  Hopefully things will go well this time.   I am going to be making Sub Sales Pages so you can see our inventory.  Currently we have the Xbox One and Blurays Online.  I will work on the DVDS, PS4, And DISNEY today if I have time.  I plan on scanning in some new movies today as well for the www.axisflix.com site.  The 2TB Raid-1 Box is just about full so I will need to switch to the 3TB Raid-1 box now.  Don't worry, I plan on adding new stuff every day.  The ARK Server is online at working, Been advertizing the Unreal Tournament 2004 and MineCraft on FaceBook Groups, getting more traffic there too.  Enjoy...

9/6/2018 -  Huge Xbox One Game Sale going on.  Check out our new Xbox One Sales Page.   I have also decided to start bringing in some older / very cheap PlayStation 4 Games.  I know we cleared them out 6 months ago, but I will give it another try.  We are looking into a Online Storefront again.  In the past they never worked out like they were susposto to and now with this new internet sales tax thing, UH! I don't know.  Added over 30 new movies to www.axisflix.com in the past 2 days.  Picked up a bunch of older but great titles at the Leesport farmers market.  You will also notice we have some new banners up for adult sales or casino and such.  When you click those links and buy something our website get a percentage of that sale is paid to us.  That is what keeps us online and running for free, so please click often and enjoy a real money casino or some sex toys and movies, lol...   We are always looking for new sponsors or affiliates.  Also updated our MineCraft Server to Version 1.13.1

( UPDATE ) - I now have the ARK: Survival Evolved Server Online. 100 Max Players running at A2K4.COM Ports 24015 & 24016.  I am using a server with Two Quad Core Processors to run the server so hit it hard and make it work, see what she can do.  If there are any other games you would like to see me install just shoot me a e-mail to jonspatz@hotmail.com  :) Thanks.

9/4/2018 - Updated the XBOX ONE SECTION with Pictures of All The $10, $25, $30, and $35 Games.  Still need to do $15 and $20 games as well as the accessories and systems.  Enjoy..

9/1/2018 - Started Working on an Xbox One Stuff Section.  This will have up to date prices, Inventory, and Pictures of what we have in stock...  Hope you Enjoy.  Going to try an online store again as well.  Now that will take some time to setup.

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