2/15/2019 - Now that I have some projects finished I started to bring the Dedicated Game Servers Back online.  Please see the list below to sew what's back up and running and what will be back in a few days.

2/14/2019 - Our NEW Video Streaming Service is now online and working 110%.   Check it out at www.axisflix.com


2/13/2019 - Things are REALLY comming together here, we are having activity on all of our websites and areas.  Also took the time to add a few more Unreal Tournament 2004 Maps that I found on a new site.  The Crypto Miners are all up and working good,  There fun to watch.  I have automatic backups scheduled now that gets put on a 3Tb Raid-1 USB Hard Drive, Daily at 3am.  We also now accept American Express BlueBird Payments for your purchases. Life is Good Right Now.  The systems on our network were down today also for about 20 minutes while I installed the Windows Server Updates.

2/10/2019 - I Updated alot of pictures from our for sale section.  We got alot of new stuff in since our last update on 1/15.  I will try to keep up to date with the pictures like I used to.   Also, February Sales:  New Release Blurays $15/Each or Three for $40.    All Box Sets are $5 off Sticker Price.  All Xbox One and PS4 Games are $5 off Sticker Price.  We now stock FireTV Sticks ( $35 Plain / $70 Programmed ).  Check it out [ 4SALE ]

2/7/2019 - Haven't typed an update in a few days..  The movie files are almost all moved over.  The AXISFLIX site is getting ALOT of traffic, I knew it would be a hit.  Once all the moves are moved over to the rented server I will start scanning in new titles again.  I have Two boxes of 100 DVDs and one Box of 250 DVDs to scan in.  I never get any rest but then again I am trying to create and build something here.  The AXISMINING site has been updated and we have over 100 G/Hash going through our servers.  Thanks Guys!   Please Consider sending us a few bucks too on GoFundMe.  Even if its $3 or $5 or $20 every little bit helps and It would show me that people actually appreciate what I am doing here..  I mean Three Rented Dedicated Servers cost me $190/Month.  All of the wear and tear on the basement equipment, etc.. etc..  Thanks.  Still working on getting updated pictures of the items for sale.. We have so much new stuff comming in Every day I cant keep up.  Too many projects going on at the same time too.


/2/2919 - Still working on getting finishing the uploads to the WWW.AXISFLIX.COM movie site... Updated The [ HARDWARE ] Page to reflect the new rented Servers.  Also AXISMINING.LINKPC.NET is really comming along with the crypto currency.  I Hope to have it done soon.   I also [ ARCHIVED ] The old News File.  Don't forget about our WildCat Telnet WinServer BBS.   Telnet://A2K4.COM Port 2300      I also checked into some new Unreal Tournament 2004 maps, I found about 15 NEW maps made from Mid-2018 to January 2019.  So I added them.. Enjoy.


( Update 2/15/2019 - All Games in this Block are Updated & Running )

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