9/20/2020 @ 9:19am

Decided to just trash the old setup and start from scratch...  Wasn't really happy with how it looked and we added and removed so much [ HARDWARE ] that things were getting all screwed up.  All users of the Wildcat system must log in new.  Also the data for TradeWars 2002 and Funeral Quest were all reset.   Just tired of putting hours and hours of time, money, and energy into this and no one really appreciates it or even donates.   So, I decided to get back to the core of what makes money for my family, The Bitcoin, and turn everything else into more of a hobby, when i get to it I get to it.  Hope you all understand, In these times things suck but even just a little e-mail that says "Your sites really cool" helps so much.  Feel Free to donate and/or e-mail me what you liked best about this system and I will do my best to get it set back up for you.    -Jon

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