As 2020 comes to a close I am going to be taking a break from the online world of bullshit.  I am going to get myself together, get back to my bitcoin, and maybe return later in 2021 with a whole new redesign. 

   If you need to contact me send an e-mail to  jonspatz@hotmail.com

       or Join My DISCORD Server.

1/15/2021 @ 9:59am - We have moved what used to be AXISFLIX.COM and absorbed it into the main webpage here.  Now called FREE FLIX on the left had bar.

1/15/2021 @ 8:05am - Our MAME/RETRO Section is comming together nicely.  I almost have the complete set ALL MAME roms and chd's.  Also almost finished with the DreamCast Area.  Check It out via our FTP Server.  Moved some servers around to better machines and brought the T140 Server back online with an SSD upgrade.  Enjoy.  Please note that the MAME section has absorbed ALL of the old JonsRetro Site.

1/9/2021 @ 3:03pm - Xfinity/Comcast decided to put a data cap on my home connection so i had to rent another dedicated server at joe's datacenter in Kansas.  I have to upload all the files there and totally redo my home network.  Joy Joy...  Some servers will be offline for a couple of days till i get things fixed and setup here properly to avoid their data overage costs.  Guess they don't like the fact that we do over 5 TB a month in data.  Oh well, Just yet another expense out of my pocket and it seems like some people don't appreciate it at all.  Please consider donating to keep us alive if you like what you see.  I will keep the retro games alive on the rented server but I just feel the aXisFlix movie server is a total waste anymore.  I love when i see the same ip address online for 7 hours straight and download 4 or 5 DVD rip movies but they don't donate or contribute one cent.  I mean really people, I don't do this to make money, I have never made money of this, Everything donated goes right back into the system.  [ DONATE ]

1/7/2021 @ 4:14pm - Brought some of the Game Servers back online and some of the hardware here.  [ HARDWARE ] has been updated.  Added some movies and operating systems to the servers.  Picked up a new rented server with an even faster connection ($49 a month, Your welcome)...  Still working on getting the MAME sets online.  RUST has returned. [ Unreal Tournament ] and [ SteamCMD ] pages have been updated.  Please consider donating if you like what you see because your donations go 100% back into the system and give me some incentive to continue to work on this.  I have been feeling taken advantage of for awhile now and then people want to HACK their way in rather then donate $1??  Yes, I said ONE DOLLAR!  People piss me off.  Check us out on Discord too.

1/3/2021 @ 5:58pm - I now have Four Unreal Tournament 2004 Servers Online.  I just added over 90 Onslaught Maps to the server with a >FAST< .UZ2 Redirect.   Hope to see you online Soon.   I am also working on getting the full MAME ROM / CHD Set online.  I have it here and its 100% working, All 13,000+ Games, It takes alot of time to upload over 600 Gigs of Files...

[ Last Updated 1/15/2021 @ 8:08am ]